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Returning to the water after wintering in Oban.

The Northwest coast of the Shetland Islands.

Navigating the locks in Caledonia.

Onora patiently waits for wind in Lerwick.

We pilot the famous Loch Ness.

Monsters in the North Sea.

Looking for Polar Bears Part I

June 8, 2009

Lerwick Shetland Islands, 60 09 N 108W

We have been in Scotland for a month today. Getting Onora ready to go back into the water and to head for a serious adventure to the ice has consumed much of the time. We arrived here in the Shetland Islands by way of the Caledonian Canal. Helen (Foley) McNeil joined us to help warp us through the 60 mile passage of locks and lochs including Loch Ness, no Nessie, to Inverness.

The two of us have spent the last week exploring Britain's windy northernmost islands. We are ready to push off for Norway. Our hoped for southern winds have not materialized so we will leave today in a light northerly breeze to continue north to Norway.

June 9

61 02N 3 12E North Sea

We are just passing the oil fields in a strange calm that looks like it is going to hang around for awhile. We left Lerwick yesterday afternoon and were able to sail for 15 hours with the wind backing to the northwest before petering out at five this morning. We now have four knots on our stern. It looks like this shallow low will hang around us for the next 48 hours so we will continue to power north east until it turns on us. Rorvick at 64 54 N is our next target for arrival on Thursday.

June 11

64 52N 11 13 E Norway East Coast

We arrived in Rorvik Norway this morning at 6:00 and went to find the harbor master to check into the country. He was in his office and greeted me with the words that he was uncertain what was needed as he had not had anyone check in before. He offered me a cup of coffee and called a policeman who arrived shortly and joined us for coffee. After telling them our story he produced two stamps and asked for our passports. After a pleasant chat he was off and the harbor master arranged a berth for us. As I left the office he said "I have a present for you and your wife". He gave us each harbor logo shirts and a wooden plaque with the coat of arms. "Welcome to Norway!"




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