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Jerret, Leo, Jeff and Nick helping us out on a test sail.

Jim with Kelly, Jeff, Phil and Nick.

Our foul weather gear for the weather ahead. Jim asks Jean - "Does this make me look fat?"


August 18, 2005

Auckland, New Zealand

The calendar reminds us that this is our "planned" departure date but we are at least a week away from leaving Auckland and that's IF all the "to dos" get done and we have a favorable weather window to head off for Chile. Whew! Where did the time go?

Four months ago we returned Onora to Westhaven Marina and to Kelly's crew for a "short list" of changes we felt were necessary after her nine month sea trial. Then we headed back to Chicago for six weeks to see family and friends. It was a long stay for us but we loved every minute and tried to squeeze as much as possible into a very short time. At the end of June we returned to Auckland with our new list of "to dos" for Onora. First and foremost was having her hauled out of the water and having the bottom waterblasted and then re-painted. It's amazing to see how much growth occurs when the boat is just sitting at harbor and not moving though the water.

July managed to fly by and we did make huge progress in ticking things off our list without letting too many new items creep on. Twice we were able to get Onora off the dock and go to a nearby anchorage for a night or two away, which was a mini holiday for us. But now we face our last week here and the clock is loudly ticking. Clearing customs, provisioning for four months, getting last minute parts and spares and keeping our eyes on the five day weather forecast will make this week zoom by.

Leaving New Zealand will be a bittersweet experience. It has become our second home since this project began three years ago and we love the country's beauty and it's amazing people. We took some of the 'boys' from Kelly's yard, who worked up until the end, out for a sail and pizza the other day and it was hard to say 'good-bye' for the last time. But it's time for Onora to face the challenges of the Southern Ocean, and there WILL be challenges for sure! Godspeed Onora!! Valdivia, here we come!




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